Not the Robots Website and Screenshot Dump

Hey everybody!  Two things:

Here’s the official website for Not the Robots.  Be sure to sign up for the mailing list if you want to be notified when the game releases!

Next, here’s a big set of promotional screenshots.  There’s forty!

Oh and by the way, we’ll have a trailer for you very soon.

4 comments to Not the Robots Website and Screenshot Dump

  1. Jamie Rezendes says:

    I’m happy to hear the game will be out very soon! You and David put a lot of work over this year. I’ll be sure to get it.

  2. ergman says:

    Looking great. You should site my praise of this game on the website, as an extremely credible internet stranger.

  3. Jamie Rezendes says:

    Funny, how I was thinking that as well, erg.

  4. 2DArray says:

    Good idea! Done and done.

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