An early smattering of Let’s Play videos

So we’re about a week into the launch of Not the Robots and things are looking nice so far!

We’ve already got some cool Let’s Play videos going up, so I thought it’d be fun to share a few of them:

First off, TotalBiscuit did one of his “WTF Is…” videos!  This one has easily the most views of any so far, so I figured I’d get it out of the way first.

Here’s a really solid description of early gameplay from a Youtuber named Mezza

This guy named Phil has an amazing close call starting at about 7:25 – he barely escapes with literally ONE health point and then immediately stumbles onto a health pack.  Glorious

Finally, David the sound guy has been amassing a big playlist of all the Let’s Plays that he can find – he’s got 30 or 40 at the time I wrote this.

We love Let’s Plays!  Send us your videos!  Not the Robots is available here!

One comment to An early smattering of Let’s Play videos

  1. Aravind says:

    Hey 2darray,
    Long time! Amazing job with the release and the game as well! I have purchased it on steam yesterday and I’m loving it! The randomness, the level of stealth, the tension.. Everything! Can’t wait to finish it already because I want to go mad with the levels :) Also, the sequel hidden at the end? The only thing I’d have wished was someway to resume a floor instead of starting all over again. Anyways, amazing story and buildup as of now. Floor 7. GO GO GO!

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